The revolutionary kayak paddle

Rift has arrived!

We are pleased to inform you that our revolutionary innovation, the Rift paddle, is now available for sale.

PRICE   EUR 1,500

*   Prices and delivery times may vary depending on order quantity.

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Best Paddle is a Hungarian startup established in 2016 by a team of sport and business professionals and academic researchers.



As a result of a 3-year research & development time, our kayak paddle prototype RIFT is 10% more efficient compared to current wing paddles.



Our aim is to provide the best racing paddle for kayak professionals in the world utilizing our team’s best-in-class sport and scientific capabilities.

Why now?

Major innovation

The shape of wing kayak paddles has never been challenged: only minor structural changes were made in the last 30 years preparing the landscape for innovation.

Verified effectiveness

Strangely, paddle effectiveness has never been calculated in a sport where every second counts. Today when professional kayakers choose their paddles based on intuition, our measuring practice is a revolution.

Patented shape

While paddle shapes have never been patented, they are loosely regulated as well. Our prototype paddle offers patented alterations to an existing shape to avoid copyright infringement.

Meet Rift!

The kayak paddle for professionals

Increased efficiency

The “cut” on the surface increases the ability to exert more energy with the same powertrain.

More stable movement

The increased total surface area reduces the chance of unwanted paddle wobbling.

Unchanged drag experience

The same-weight feather with its unique shape provides a familiar drag experience.


Ferenc Szabó

CEO & Business Development
20+ years experience in Management as Investment Banker, CEO and CFO of multinational banks and Hungarian companies.

Mihály Gráf

R&D Manager
10+ years experience in hydro-dynamics. Engineer specialized in hydro-dynamics studies with academic background.

Dr István Irmai

Sport Scientific Expert
30+ years experience in Kayak sport. Head of Canoeing Coach Training at the University of Physical Education, Development Committee Member of the Hungarian Canoeing Association.


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The leading research university in Hungary with well-known scientific results abroad. Its department of Hydrodynamic Systems dedicated 8 qualified professionals to the project.

University of Physical Education

One of the oldest and professionally acclaimed universities for education and sports science. The institution provided a senior sports industry expert to advise and help the project.

CEMI - Central European Management Intelligence

A management consulting firm that has conducted 200+ projects on 5 continents since 2005. Currently acting as a business incubator and providing management assistance to the project.

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